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We specialize in classic Vespa & Lambretta restoration and exporting, new scooter sales, Lambretta & Vespa engine building and tuning. We are also able to offer a local and international delivery service if requested.

When you are considering buying a vintage scooter, we believe that its not just important to pick the right shop, its vital !

At La Vita Scooters, we aren't like the other shops. Our primary focus is you and your needs - and that's not just a turn of phrase, that's the key to the way that we work. We'd rather sell fewer scooters and give great service than lots of scooters with none, which is why you'll rarely see an La Vita Scooters advert in the internet. We aren't a "stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap" kind of establishment. So what do we think makes us different from the rest?

DEDICATED TO SCOOTERS: We are totally dedicated to scooters. No motorbikes, no off-road vehicles, no car sales, no car repairs - just restoring, selling, servicing and repairing scooters. So scooter riders are ALWAYS our highest priority. Many people don't consider after-sales service when buying their scooter, but you really should. It's always easier for us, and therefore cheaper for you, to service scooters that were bought here at
La Vita Scooters. You may not believe it, but there are scooter dealers in Viet Nam where neither the sales staff nor the workshop staff actually have bike licenses! How on earth can they give you any valid advice (and more concerning, how can they test ride your scooter to make sure it is safe when they pre-deliver it and/or service it! - make sure you check credentials!!!)

BEST BRANDS: We are committed to providing the scooters that riders want. We KNOW we have the best range of scooters available in Viet Nam, and we know the importance of quality. There is nothing that we sell that we wouldn't own ourselves, and if we determine a product fails to live up to that we stop selling it.

BEST PRICES: We aim to have the best and fairest prices in town for the brands that we sell. Our prices are fully transparent - you know the most that you'll pay BEFORE you walk through the door. We don't run massive and costly advertising campaigns, because we'd have to inflate our prices to cover it - and that's not good news for our customers! We also don't use tricks to make our products look cheaper. All our new scooters come with:

Completely restored vintage Vespa/Lambretta scooters.
Great warranty package covering all parts for 12 months.
Excellent customer services and technical helps on your scooter.
Many free accessories included on the scooters.

DELIVERY WORLD-WIDE: We are happy to organize delivery to any part of the world. Indeed to any part of the world, and have customers as far afield as Cyprus, Hawaii, .... Just unpack, fill the tank, attach the mirrors and you're ready to go!

EXTENSIVE RANGE: Our range covers every price point, every size and every type of scooter on the market. You can be guaranteed that you will find the scooter that meets your needs in our store. And with over 30 scooters in the shop, ready to ship at any time, you won't get a better choice.

SCOOTER CHAMPIONS: We are not just concerned about selling scooters, but also about spreading the word about how wonderful, planet-saving, stylish and fun this form of transport is.

HAPPY TO HELP: Once you've bought a scooter from La Vita Scooters, you are part of the family - and we are always looking to help our customers out in there ongoing scooter career. Once you are in the La Vita Scooters family, you can rely on being looked after. Just give us a call, drop us an email, or pop in. And don't be afraid to ask - you'd be surprised just how flexible we can be to help you out!

NO BULL! We are honest and truthful about the vehicles we sell, and the services we provide. Unlike many in our business, we comply with the Consumer Protection laws and display the rideaway prices (that means the price inclusive of ALL the on road costs) both in adverts and on the internet. Why? We aim to have an honest and open relationship with our customers, and how can you do that if their first impression is that you are trying to make your prices look cheaper than they really are? Our aim is: "that you are not just happy with your purchase, but delighted."

So if you value quality service, and quality products, please consider us - we'd value your business.







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